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Drowning in HR?

The HR Ally (HRA) is the solution to get your head back above water. Request your HR life preserver today!

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We Simplify HR and Payroll

As a local Texas HR and Payroll services company, we understand the complex compliance challenges Texas business owners face every day. Small and medium sized businesses hire us to implement our single HCM ecosystem for HR, Payroll, Timekeeping, and more. Our turn-key solution makes HR simple for you to administer, offers greater efficiencies, generates data to ensure legal compliance, and maximizes the return on your investment.

We Are Different

Easy Communication

If you're working with a company as big as ADP or PayChex, you could be lucky even just to get another human on the other end of the call. You could be waiting for hours. And even then, it's not local support.


No one knows the HR and Payroll intricacies like an experienced HR and Payroll professional. HRA was founded by an HR Executive with 20+ years of experience. When we say we know what you are going through, we mean it.

Consistent People

With HRA, you won't waste your time. We know you, you'll get to know us, and that consistency of working with the same person for years helps you take care of things quickly. It also builds trust.

Why Our Clients Love HRA

HR and payroll are vital to your business, so we want you to feel comfortable knowing that we are worthy of your trust.

Dovie Crouse - VP Corporate Services
Dovie Crouse VP, Corporate Services

Before I engaged The HR Ally (HRA), I lived with a chronic unease about the state of my HR function from a compliance standpoint and I was regularly plagued by issues that cropped up due to my lack of knowledge of best practices in the core HR functions. Within days of onboarding the team, I was already clear that I’d made a good decision. Within two weeks, all the issues I had collected were being addressed, and within four weeks, almost all open items were closed. I now live an HR-anxiety-free life thanks to my HRA team.

Cassie VanDeluyster - CVJ Consulting
Cassie VanDeluyster CHRO

The HR Ally (HRA) is my company’s “Go To” HR partner! As an HR professional, I understand the value of a high performing HR Team and constriction of limiting budgets in small organizations. We have been able to provide small-large companies with C-suite HR compliance by teaming up with HRA. Jennifer will provide a solution custom to your organization’s needs and rally the team past the finish line. A true professional in her field. She will pick up her phone, respond to emails and texts in minutes or seconds and is a true business partner for our company.

Steven Graubart
Steven Graubart CEO

The HR Ally (HRA) is a star! Jennifer is a selfless leader and capable of navigating extremely difficult challenges, always focused on the best interest of the organization. Jennifer helped scale our HR department from startup to a national platform supporting more than 600 employees. While Jennifer has the skills and knowledge to perform HR services at the highest level, the most compelling gifts that Jennifer brings is her selfless values of service and her intelligence and good judgment to operate independently and exhaustively.

Kenny Kurtzman
Kenny Kurtzman Chief Strategy Partner

The HR Ally (HRA) is an outstanding HR leader with distinctive capabilities in compensation and benefits and superior analytical skills. Jennifer is a joy to work with and always goes the extra mile to do what is right for our patients, our employees, our partners, and our company.

Gerald Coward
Gerald Coward CFO

The HR Ally (HRA) has exceptional payroll and compensation expertise. Our company was going through a time of rapid change in the US and Canada. Jennifer managed a change in HR systems from ADP and an older Ceridian version, into one Ceridian Dayforce solution for all employees in the US and Canada. Jennifer advised the business and ensured perfect delivery. Diligent, knowledgeable, strategic, and a thoughtful and effective leader.

Colette Anthony
Colette Anthony CHRO

The HR Ally (HRA) is one of the most enthusiastic and diligent HR services and consulting companies I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Jennifer is passionate about the work that she does; prioritizing deliverables based on relevance and value. Business acumen is her greatest strength! I can always count on Jennifer to provide applicable market research, analysis, and presentations of exceptional HR solutions for the organization. Jennifer is a solid HR Business Partner and Total Rewards Strategist.

David McCullar
David McCullar Customer Service Manager

The HR Ally (HRA) played an integral role as our HR partner with benefits and payroll. Jennifer assisted my team with any questions or issues they had. Jennifer is always willing to roll up her sleeves and address issues head on. There was a situation where a couple of my team members required assistance with their payroll. Jennifer addressed their issues and developed a training SOP for my team members.

Brian Welch
Brian Welch FP&A Director

I have worked closely with Jennifer from The HR Ally (HRA), on several projects. Jennifer has a broad range of skills that include Compensation, Total Rewards, Payroll and HR Technology. Jennifer and her team are always prepared for the needs of their clients. She is a hard worker and extremely knowledgeable about HR as well as business processes.

Donald Zmick
Donald Zmick Chief Strategy Officer

The HR Ally (HRA) developed a competitive pay and benefits package designed to attract high-quality technical people to work on deep water oil and gas projects.

Sarah Hobbs
Sarah Hobbs HR Business Partner

Knowledgeable, resourceful, and passionate are the words I would use to describe Jennifer from The HR Ally (HRA). Jennifer guided me and opened the door to many pieces of Compensation and Benefits that I would have probably not touched otherwise. Her expertise evolved the existing policies and plans. She truly cares about how all pieces of total compensation affect the employees, and she was driven to make the company package one that could provide the most value for the company and employee alike – unmatched by the competition.

Andreia de Melo Cabral
Andreia De Melo Cabral CHRO

The HR Ally (HRA) has an insight on how the market works and how it should drive the HR strategy as I have never seen before in any other HR professional. Jennifer provided manager training to explain to them how Compensation works. The feedback from managers was great. Topics she talked about included benchmarking, how the market works and how we get our information; what are the different FLSA status and how exemptions work, etc.

Hannah Woody
Hannah Woody HRIS Analyst

I learned a great deal from Jennifer at The HR Ally (HRA). After a recent merger of multiple companies across the US and Canada, the organization was disjointed and full of broken processes. Jennifer provided stability and patiently brought the company to a more organized state. She instilled in her team the importance of accuracy, research and analysis, consistency, and cooperation. She is not afraid of hard work and goes above and beyond to get the job done. I can confidently say she can tackle anything that comes her way.

Chris Adams
Chris Adams Engineering Manager

The HR Ally (HRA) is always responsive to questions I have regarding my needs and provides clear solutions. I would have been lost without their guidance. Jennifer truly defines the ideal HR Partner.

Celeste Fruge
Celeste Fruge Legal Officer

The HR Ally (HRA) was a great business partner. Jennifer was tenacious in finding a solution which met the business needs at hand.

Kenny Ky
Kenny Ky HRIS Analyst

Jennifer from The HR Ally (HRA) is an amazing mentor and very knowledgeable in a wide array of functions. She is very goal driven and pushes her team to accomplish everything with the best of their ability. If you want something done, she’ll make sure that it is done right.

Lois Darko Controller

Jennifer from The HR Ally (HRA) is a seasoned HR Compensation and Benefit professional. From her first day, she identified gaps both in compliance and our organization’s benefit design. Her drive for improvement and change will positively impact employees and boost retention through standards implementation and consistent application of compensation guidelines. Jennifer championed many improvements including proper taxation of benefits and reimplementation of payroll.

    What We Offer

    Payroll Services

    Time & Attendance

    HR Services

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    How We Help

    Complete HR

    Most of our clients choose this path. Just as the name implies, we manage all of your critical HR + Payroll functions while increasing efficiency with our exclusive HCM technology solution.

    Custom HR

    For businesses who want to continue using their existing HCM/payroll vendor, we create a custom package of services that provides expertise and support wherever it's needed.

    Get To Know Our Partners

    We take pride in our partners. These organizations are handpicked to provide maximum value to our clients. We stand behind the relationships we've cultivated - offering a personal guarantee these organizations will support you, when and where you need them. Our clients are eligible to receive wholesale pricing from our partners, up to 60% off retail, with some even being cost-free! Plus, all of our partners are already integrated with our system, providing not only savings but efficiency too - that's icing on the cake!