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HRA Technology Data Sheets

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HCM Technology Solution

Complete HCM platform combined with our expert HR services for all your payroll, benefits, compliance and HR needs.
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Reporting & Analytics

Fast, easy and accurate insights into your business.
Payroll and HR Software Dashboard

Time & Attendance

Get greater visibility into employee time and labor costs, increase productivity, and reduce risk.
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Performance Management FAQs

Answers to your most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about our Performance Management module.
Simplify your Performance Management process

Performance Management

Establish a consistent employee feedback and development program to improve performance and retain your top contributors.
Payroll and HR Outsourcing

Seamless Payroll

Fast, easy and accurate payroll that's on time, every time.
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Employee Onboarding

Simplify complex paperwork, improve data accuracy, and get new hires focused on their job faster.
Strategy And Structure for compensation

Employee Hiring

Find qualified candidates, assess skills, and streamline communication so you can hire the right talent faster.
Customer Login - Payroll and HR

Employee Self-Service

Give your employees and managers easy access to the HR and payroll information they need from any device.
Simple time management tools that take no time to manage

Online Benefits Enrollment

Simplify the enrollment process, reduce paperwork, and have happier, healthier employees.
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Affordable Care Act (ACA)

Determine which employees are eligible for coverage and ensure your company remains compliant with ACA regulations.

HRA Guides

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4 Things to Know Before Renewing Your Employee Benefits Plan

While benefits might seem like an added expense, they are one of your greatest assets when it comes to retaining your best employees. Download our guide to learn 4 things to know before renewing your employee benefits plan this year.
HRA Integrity to your Payroll System

6 Things You Should Do to Prepare for Benefits Renewal

As an employer, you want to offer your hard-working employees the benefits they want, but if you are a small business, it might not be feasible due to the significant costs and few options available to employers of your size. Download our guide to learn 6 things you should do to prepare for benefits renewal.
Compensation Design and Pay Equity

Small Business Guide to Rising Unemployment Costs

The major challenges and massive uncertainties for small and medium-sized businesses in 2020 and 2021 lead to major rate hikes in 2022 and beyond. How can you plan now to best ensure your survival over the long term? Download our guide to learn how small businesses can mitigate their rising unemployment costs.
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Small Business Payroll Buyer's Checklist

Managing payroll on your own or even sending pay data to your accountant takes valuable time away from your daily operations. Working with a payroll provider can free you up to run your business while helping ensure that all of your payroll needs are properly handled. Download our guide to learn about the core payroll features and services you should expect and look for when evaluating payroll vendors.

TX New Hire Packet

Hiring compliance can be overwhelming. That’s why we put together everything you need to hire in TX. Learn more about the forms and hiring requirements you need to keep your hiring process compliant and efficient.
Answering Your Top HR Questions

Ultimate Onboarding Guide

Did you know that onboarding is the most important step in the employee lifecycle? Most employees know if they’ll be looking for work within the first 10 days of a new job. Great onboarding helps you retain your employees. Learn how to improve your onboarding program with this guide.

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HRA Comprehensive Administration Services

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HRA HRO Solution

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