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Compensation Design and Pay Equity

Develop the strategies and structure needed to hire the best employees in your industry.

No more guesswork

The competition to attract and retain great employees keeps growing, and it’s hard to find solid guidance on how to win the game. It feels like you’re forced to make your “best guess” when answering mission-critical questions like:

  • How do we stack up with the rest of the market?
  • If we pay our new employees more, how will that impact our existing team?
  • Are we offering the benefits employees really care about?
  • Are there disparities in the ways we pay different groups of people?

Gain the competitive edge in your marketplace

Put the right practices in place to attract and retain the best talent in your industry.

Reliable Data to your Competitor

Reliable Data

Benchmark your compensation structure against your industry, competitors, and region to ensure you're able to stand out in your marketplace.

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Expert Guidance

Our Certified Compensation Professionals help clarify your compensation philosophy and design a plan that fits your organization.

Strategy And Structure for compensation

Strategy and Structure

Establish an equitable and consistent structure for compensation and build the strategies you need to make competitive offers to new hires.

HRA's experts guide you through the 3 Critical Steps of Compensation Design

edit your existing job descriptions

1. Job Descriptions

Work with HRA to review and edit your existing job descriptions. Up-to-date descriptions that reflect the actual duties of a position are the key to gathering reliable wage survey data.

Compensation Design and Pay Equity

2. Wage Surveys

Using the most current data for your geographic location, employee size, revenue, and industry, we offer customized wage surveys for the positions in your company. This gives us the data we need for the next step.

complete wage structure for a small business - Compensation Design and Pay Equity

3. Compensation Design

HRA’s Certified Compensation Professionals partner with your leadership to clarify your compensation philosophy. Then, they help you create a complete wage structure for your organization that’s equitable and motivating for employees and attractive to the best talent in your industry.

Additional Services

Your business may also benefit from the following.

Pay Equity Studies

Pay Equity Studies

Because of evolving legislation, employers have a much larger burden and increased exposure around their pay practices than ever before.

Conduct a Pay Equity Study to uncover pay discrepancies in your organization. Then, establish remedies and/or reporting that objectively explains those discrepancies.

Employee Benefits - Compensation Design and Pay Equity

Total Rewards Analysis

How do you create a total rewards program that attracts and retains the right talent for your organization?

We’ll help you analyze your current rewards strategy and compare it with your competition. Then, we’ll help you create the right balance of compensation, benefits, career development, and culture for your team.

Key Position Market Analysis - compensation plan

Key Position Market Analysis

Your business might only need to focus on one key, strategic position.

We’ll help you identify and design a unique compensation plan for that role so you can make sure it matches your established practices and attracts the talent you need.

Annual Salary Review

Annual Salary Review

The factors that affect compensation design change quickly and frequently.

Establish a yearly rhythm of assessing and adjusting your plan by scheduling an annual salary review process with our experts.

Here's How it works

1. Discovery

Share your concerns and get an expert evaluation of the steps needed to conquer your challenges with HR and payroll.

2. Implementation

Gain all of the guidance and support you need to conquer your HR challenges with proven, efficient systems and processes.

3. Growth

Earn the confidence, trust, and loyalty of your people and feel the positive impact on productivity as you focus on growing your business.

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