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About The HR Ally

Overwhelmed by HR? We get it, and we’re here to help. By putting service first, we lighten your administrative burden and help you keep your business compliant with years of HR experience and expertise.

Your HR Guides. Our Best and Brightest.

Delivering Innovative HR Solutions is Our Calling.

Everyone works. But not everyone loves their work. And that’s why we’re here to change the game.

We’re here to help you grow. Grow your people, your capabilities, and your business. How? With years of HR expertise, we help you create a company culture that attracts and retains top talent and create a workplace where employers and employees can make a difference.

Better culture, shared values, real results – these are things we can bring to the table because, with the right environment, you and your employees can thrive.

Managers become inspired leaders. Employees excel in their jobs. Businesses continue to grow.

This is why we’re transforming the workplace. For employees. For employers. For you.

TFP_1825 web Jennifer Ivie-Lopez

Jennifer Ivie-Lopez

Principal Total Rewards Consultant

TFP_1824 web Linda Alfaro

Linda Alfaro

HR Generalist

TFP_1863 web Elissa Palacios

Elissa Miranda

HR Assistant

TFP_1774 web Jennifer Williams

Jennifer Williams

Benefits Manager

TFP_1875 web Cathy Beard

Cathy Beard

Accounting & Payroll Manager

Practicing what we preach

At The HR Ally, our goal is to help you conquer HR and create workplace transformation, and that all starts within. We focus on building meaningful relationships, supportive community, and a culture of leadership and empowerment.

And it works! At the end of the day, our commitment to a positive, inclusive workplace culture is the engine of our success and the source of the authenticity you feel from our team.

The best part is, we can do the same for your business.

The HR Ally Promise

Following our commitment to leadership and empowerment, these principles were determined by our team. They’re the foundation for our success and guide us in our service to both our clients and each other.

The HRA - business of powering people


We are in the business of powering people to maximize their success. From employees to clients, vendors, and our community, we believe people are the heartbeat of our company. We believe in diversity, fostering relationships, and a healthy work-life balance.

Tax advisors and Payroll team


Collaborating to achieve a common goal and helping each other grow through cooperation and motivation. Each team member understanding their role and purpose in supporting other teammates across the company. Everyone focused on being successful as a team, knowing others have your back.

Respectable Work


Working towards an understanding of individual differences and showing value to all people as human beings. We treat others the way we want to be treated, with courtesy and kindness. Holding high regard for all people's abilities, differences, and needs, we value each other for our work and efforts.

HRA Integrity to your Payroll System


Having strong morals and principles and doing the right thing even when it is hard. Displaying a strong work ethic and being dependable. Holding ourselves to the highest standards guided by fairness and honesty.

new business Associations partners


Taking ownership and responsibility for our actions and decisions. Recognizing each other for our successes, admitting when mistakes are made, and being a part of the solution. Meeting commitments and holding ourselves, teammates, clients, and vendors to those same standards and expectations.

Excellence in HR and Payroll


Going above and beyond with a sense of urgency and dedication. Always listening, learning, and growing in all aspects of work and life. Taking pride in what we do, creating the greatest advantage for our clients and our teams.

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