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Employee Onboarding

Improve & simplify your new hire onboarding process

The first few days of an employee’s job are critical to setting them up for success. Onboarding dramatically reduces the time needed to capture employee data while improving accuracy and efficiency. The integrated Employee Onboarding module transforms the old paper process to a customized, wizard-driven paperless experience. Easy, fast & secure – say goodbye to paper forms!

Employee Onboarding

Make a great first impression.

Do you have a new hire that needs to start tomorrow? No problem – get them started today. With HRA’s Onboarding module, kickoff a paperless, online onboarding process where new hires enter all their information, complete forms and prepare for their new career in just a few clicks.

Paperless New Hire Paperwork

Employees can complete the process on any device, anywhere. Add your handbook, introduction video, fillable PDFs, employee acknowledgments and more.

Custom Onboarding Workflows

Hiring processes vary from state to state, and sometimes from role to role. With customized workflows, the system does not require a “one size fits all” process.

Secured Documents

All forms and documents associated with Onboarding are securely tracked and stored. Digital signatures can be easily captured for complete and auditable records.

start running your business more efficiently in 30 days

With our HCM solution, it doesn’t have to take months to complete. When we partner with you, it can take as little as 30 days. Plus, an experienced project manager will be by your side every step of the way. 

Want to see how easy it is to get our solution up and running for your business? Take a closer look.

Increase Employee Productivity with Simplified Timekeeping | HR Ally

It's more than just a technology platform


Yes, the online platform has all the bells and whistles you’d expect. However, administering the technology is where the magic’s at.

By pairing great TECHNOLOGY with equally technical, attentive SERVICE, the intended results are realized. While your team will be empowered to manage the day-to-day, HRA’s technical team leads on system configuration and system-level set up so you don’t have to become the technical expert.

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