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A payroll solution that delivers the perfect paycheck every time.

Payroll Services

Why are companies switching to HRA in droves? Working with a local payroll company like HRA offers huge advantages. At HRA, you can expect easy communication and valuable expertise on state and local regulations. We’ll save you time, eliminate surprises and keep you and your business protected.

When it comes to deciding on a payroll company, you may be asking what’s better for you and your company: a well-known national company or a smaller local business? Of course, you may be more familiar with the names of larger companies, like ADP or Paychex. But a company that has been scaled that much loses its personal touch.

Rely on Someone You Know and Trust

If you’re working with a company as big as ADP, you could be lucky even to hear from another human without waiting hours and hours on hold. Unfortunately, these days, that’s the level of service you get most times from giant companies. 

A robot-directed phone tree can be frustrating for anyone. With HRA, you won’t get angry and waste your time. We know you, you’ll know us, and that consistency of working with the same person helps you take care of business quickly. Instead of starting all over with each and every call, you’re working with the same person at HRA. As a result, our process is faster, more secure, and much easier for you. 

If you’re frustrated communicating with a larger payroll service, working with a local company and a person you know well can be a godsend.

Custom HR

Why HRA?


Use Tomorrow's Technology Today

HRA puts all your mission-critical HR, timekeeping, and payroll records in one system to make your company more productive and efficient. It’s a dream solution for the person in your office wearing the “extra hat” for everything HR. Besides that, you have us to configure your system and teach you, step-by-step, how to use it. We are always here for you. That’s pure gold.

Dedicated Desk

Grab any desk in the common area — 1 day/mo included. Bring your device, pick a seat, and get to work. Also includes:


Dedicated Office

Grab any desk in the common area — 1 day/mo included. Bring your device, pick a seat, and get to work. Also includes:

Why HRA?

Seamless Payroll

Better visibility of your payroll dollars.

Before your payroll is finalized, always have an accurate snapshot of money going out when you need it. HRA puts you in control of your payroll data, alerting you to potential errors before we process it.

Reporting & Analytics

Make better and faster business decisions.

Harness the power of your employee data and turn it into real business results. With HRA’s robust reporting and analytics tools, you can gain valuable insight into your company’s talent that help you stay compliant and ahead of your competition.