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Benefits Of Partnering With A Local Payroll Company

Benefits Of Partnering With A Local Payroll Company

Working with a Local Payroll Service Means Big Benefits for Your Small Business

Whether you’re switching your payroll company or looking to outsource for the very first time, there’s a lot to consider when searching for a new payroll provider. Still, there are two main options when it comes to payroll. You can choose a large, national provider with a revolving door of associates or you can choose a local firm that has the time and bandwidth to get to know you and your employees.As small business owners ourselves, we often talk about the power of buying from small businesses. So, why should payroll be any different? Not only does your local payroll company get a chance to learn all about your business and its unique needs, you get to know them as well. It pays to know who is working with your money.

Custom Payroll Solutions

Working with a national payroll company typically means you’ll receive the exact same solutions they provide their other clients, regardless of whether they’re right for your business. There’s far more emphasis on quantity than custom quality.Meanwhile, a local payroll company can take time to assess how you work and what services you need for your company to thrive. Many local firms also offer services complementary to your payroll, such as monthly accounting and year-end tax preparation. This can streamline your financial responsibilities so you and your employees can focus on other tasks that grow your business.

Customer Service

There are still benefits to working with a national provider, but consistency may not be one of them. With so many clients, it’s nearly impossible to guarantee you’ll speak with the same representative. Instead, you may find yourself connected to several people throughout your payroll inquiry.Local payroll providers are more likely to have the resources to establish a dedicated account person who actually knows your name and can be your touchstone throughout the year. Having someone who knows your business inside and out ensures your payroll issues are corrected quickly and efficiently.

Know the Local Laws

Did you know that many counties and cities have their own laws regarding things like minimum wage? Local payroll companies are far more likely to be in touch with the local laws and regulations than national providers, saving you potential compliance issues down the road.

Save Your Money

A local payroll provider is indeed more cost effective than larger national companies, but they also pack an enormous amount of value into every client – from custom solutions to combined services and more. Working with a smaller, dedicated staff can save you time and resources which means not only saved dollars, but the ability to focus on activities that bring more money into your business.

Location is Everything

Logistics matter because life happens. If your local area is taken over by a storm or other event that slows the mail, you’re more likely to receive paychecks in a timely manner. However, if you use a national payroll provider, payroll checks are likely coming from far away, so it may be a few days before your checks arrive. Local payroll companies can also provide convenient on-site training to employees to increase payroll efficiency even more.

There’s nothing quite like calling your payroll company and talking to the same person who has helped time and time again through payroll issues. Local payroll companies provide an opportunity for small businesses to thrive with custom cost-effective solutions that huge national providers just can’t give them. To learn more about us and how we can work with you to create payroll solutions for your business, click here.

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